Tip of the Month

  • Excessive cleaning of clothing wears it out sooner. Some garments can be worn more than once before washing or cleaning if you give them just a little care when you remove them. Check the garment when you take it off, looking for spots, tears, lint, or anything else that would send it to the dirty clothes hamper. Garments that appear clean and smell fresh should be hung for wearing again. Jackets especially need to be brushed with a clothes brush paying particular attention to the shoulders and hung on a padded hanger. You can save money on the clothes themselves, as well as on laundry products and wear and tear on your washing machine by wearing garments again that aren't soiled.
  • Ben Franklin was right: a stitch in time does save nine. Repair small problems right away. Sewing a few stitches to repair a tiny tear is much easier than having to sew an entire seam and less expensive than replacing the item if it becomes irreparable.
  • Use good quality hangers that support your clothes. Flimsy wire hangers allow clothes to sag out of shape. Over time they may even cause damage to the shoulders of garments.
  • Don't crowd clothes in your closet, as crowding causes wrinkles, which must then be removed. Ironing them again not only wastes your time, but also adds to the wear and tear on your clothes. Storing out of season clothes in another location makes more room in your closet so that your garments aren't crushed.